Amazing costumes and splurge guns to hire for your production of Bugsy Malone!

    We’ve been hiring out costumes and props for years after our own wonderful production in 2009. We offer a very comprehensive and cost effective package that will take a huge weight from your shoulders. Nearly all the costumes are ‘splurgable’ – meaning you don’t have to worry too much about the mess! And Bugsy is a messy show. Very messy. Take a look at the video below – this is the final scene of splurging madness!

    Splurge guns and a backfiring gun + splurge (check for availability)
    Suits, trilbies, jackets, waistcoats and ties
    Day dresses, Flapper dresses, evening style dresses with capes or boas, fringed showgirl dresses, cloche hats, jackets
    Headbands, boas, strings of pearls, fancy head dresses.
    Courier delivery both ways
    A super friendly, helpful service!