Yep .. we’re expanding.
Currently Offbeat Theatre produces plays with the adult company, publishes plays by Barbara & Rob, hires out costumes, that sort of thing. We’re pretty busy doing all that, but NOT BUSY ENOUGH. Nope, sometimes I have free time. I’d like to spend some of that time running Arts Awards, maybe preparing folk for LAMDA examinations and definitely directing with a Youth Group. All of this sounds like a great way to spend time to me. After years of directing and writing for schools and youth theatre, I find I need more.

A project from long ago - more of this please ..
A project from long ago – more of this please ..

So .. what are Arts Awards?
This is from the Arts Award site, where you can explore everything you could possibly wish to know (about Arts Award, not much else to be honest):

Supporting young people to develop as artists and arts leaders
Our mission is to support young people who want to deepen their engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills, and to achieve a national qualification.
Through Arts Award’s five levels, children and young people aged up to 25 can explore any art form including performing arts, visual arts, literature, media and multimedia. The award builds confidence, helps young people to enjoy cultural activities, and prepares them for further education or employment.

OFFBEAT THEATRE is an Arts Award centre and Barbara, as an Arts Award Adviser, can deliver and assess Arts Awards up to, and including, Silver (Gold soon). We are planning the offer sessions and programmes that will support this exciting development. What we offer will not just limited to theatre, we’ll be including other arts professionals in the team as well. Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England. Interested?

So .. what else would we like to do?
Well, writing and directing plays (or just directing) has always been such a joy, so more of that I reckon. It might be that we start a regular Youth Theatre group, or maybe run ‘projects’ over a 6 – 12 week period that results in a show, a tour – something exciting and maybe a bit different. We’re in the planning stages, but we would love to hear from interested parties.

And ..
More? Oh, ok .. we can help prepare you for LAMDA examinations, should that be something that interests you.
We can put you in touch with an artist / teacher who will help you prepare a portfolio of artwork, should you need one.
We can teach you about many other aspects of theatre life – management, lighting, sound, stage fighting ..

I would say ‘watch this space’, but actually, you’d be better off going on our ‘Arts’ Mailing list. You can drop us a line on the OFFBEAT CONTACT FORM RIGHT HERE & just mention ‘Arts Mailing list’ and we’ll keep you up to date.
I would LOVE to hear from you!

Arts Awards, Classes & maybe a Youth Theatre Company?
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