Drama Coaching

Barbara Hockley BA (Hons) Theatre Studies & Dramatic Arts
Bucketloads of experience
Arts Award Adviser
Hay on Wye – Brecon area

Photo on 29 06 2015 at 14 Fotor

With years of experience in running a youth theatre, teaching, directing, designing and writing for school and youth companies, I am now offering drama coaching on a smaller scale (although, I’m always open to other possibilities – just ask!).

So… if you want help with a scholarship exam, any other kind of drama exam or audition, extra coaching for a role you are playing – or just for the love of theatre and the desire to improve your skills, I’d be happy to help out. In fact, I’d love to. There is something very special about working with performers who are digging deep (or learning to dig) in order to bring their understanding, experience and skills to a performance.

What I can offer

  • Coaching for exams, auditions or the love of improving performance skills
  • One to one or small groups
  • Directing for performance on any scale
  • Drama workshops for groups or schools
  • I can facilitate Arts Awards for your group or school

Barbara is a wonderful drama teacher and has taught our daughter, now 15 years old, for over 3 years. We met Barbara at St Richard’s where she was much loved for her patience, creativity and multiple talents within the drama department. Recently, and at very short notice, Barbara successfully coached our daughter in preparation for 2 senior school Drama Scholarships. Both required different performances and both scholarships were awarded as full Drama Scholarships to our daughter in a competitive environment. We continue to visit Barbara at her home for drama coaching with our daughter and her enthusiasm and experience continue to be invaluable. I really could not recommend her more. 

A happy family, Herefordshire 

Contact me here or phone on 01874 754051