Don't skimp on costumes - they matter!
Don’t skimp on costumes – they matter!

This is my idea of a dramatic dress! I just love to take an existing plain dress and make something completely different and rather unusual out of it. I confess, I’m not much good making clothes from patterns. In fact, that’s an understatement – I’m a non-starter. But if I have an item of clothing to begin with I can happily cut, sew, glue, spray and staple my way to something that would look fab on stage. This one rook me ages, but I loved it.

A long black dress with big puffy short sleeves (ball gown)
A variety of patterned red material
Mixed gold / red braid
Red velevt for ‘overdress / robe’
Gold and copper 3D fabric paint
Gold chains and jewellery

To cover the arms I used a pair of red tights worn as a top (cut a hole in the gusset – brilliant for punky looks)

To get the effect on the front of the dress I cut out pieces of red material and glued or sewed them to the dress. The braid weaved its way in-between the patches. The result was rather stunning and there wasn’t much of the black dress showing at the front. The overdress/robe added an extra layer of richness to the outfit and meant I didn’t have to cover the whole of the dress with the red material.
I left the sleeves black, but lined the edges with the copper and gold 3D paint.
The chains and jewellery added more glitz to and already scene-stealing costume.
One of my favourites without a doubt.

Yes, it is for hire!

Dramatic Dress Time
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