The Dream Makers US premiere in Richmond, Virgina.
The Dream Makers US premiere in Richmond, Virgina.

The HATTBox Players in Richmond, Virginia are performing The Dream Makers (a favourite and popular Offbeat Show) tonight NOVEMBER 1st. Which I believe is the US premiere! I would LOVE to pop over and watch them, but, alas, time, distance, available dosh etc … all makes it a rather unlikely event. But I really do wish them all the best and I hope the cast enjoy the crazy creativeness of it all. It is a show I love and I had a fantastic time writing and directing it back in 2008. Would be fun to revisit it come to think of it ……

This is a taste of the show & the pic is from my own production of it in 2008.

The Dream Makers is set in a Dream Palace (that is a place with an extra ‘a’ where dreams are created). A Dream Palace employs all sorts of people to ensure that dreams are created to order (or off-the-peg if you’re feeling lazy). They are highly skilled actors and technicians and will stretch themselves to the limit to make sure you get an amazing experience in your dream. They keep meticulous notes and are constantly reviewing procedures to ensure a seamless flow of dreams into our sleeping worlds. These self sacrificing people work tirelessly for us, and they love it! Doubtless you were unaware of the fact that dreams are created in this way, but that’s the way the dream folk like it – shrouded in secrecy. The other side to the dream business is the clearing up afterwards (you won’t believe how messy dreams are). Somebody has to do it, but who? The dream actors believe it’s a magical process (of course), but in reality (or a distant relative of reality), there exists a team of ‘Grounders’ – people who come in after a dream and clear up. Grounders are also highly skilled in their own way, but they have no idea how dreams are created, they just get on with clearing up and performing routine maintenance tasks. That is until Beka (who believes the mythical tales about dream actors) meets up with Jude (the new Grounder recently arrived from the previously unheard of Vending Machines Department). Beka keeps dreaming about Keri … but is she real….. or just a dream?


My favourite dream - flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage
My favourite dream – flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage
Dream Makers in The USA!