Usually when I write a play I have it finished before we start rehearsing (well, ok .. not ALWAYS, but usually). At the very least I know what should be happening.

This is what the set will NOT look like for Act II of Ghost Hunters. Great isn't it?
This is what the set will NOT look like for Act II of Ghost Hunters. Great isn’t it?

The ending is reasonably clear; so are the characters, the plot, the place etc … I usually know what is going on. Enter The Ghost Hunters. Ummmmmm. We started looking at this in June. Ages ago. We looked at the first three pages, played around with it and discovered what a few of the characters sounded like. We carried on the following week with a few more pages. Enter more characters. Who are they? What are they doing here? Changing characters and lines as things moved forward. What do they all know – who do they know – how do they … etc. Every week we have worked out the plot, the characters and the lines. As soon as we gather for rehearsal my first item is ‘Please throw away pages 12 – 15 – these are the new pages’. Like a TV or film script that is subject to many changes on a daily basis, we’ve allowed our script to evolve … and now (I hope!) it is ready….

A sneak preview of a bit of Act I in early rehearsal.
A sneak preview of a bit of Act I in early rehearsal.

This really is NOT how I write a play! But, it is a fascinating process. Pulling out scenes from thin air (or so it seems), meeting characters who appear to have crept out of the depths of your subconscious (eeeek!) and discovering bits of plot you didn’t realise existed until you found them under the desk or in a creepy corner. Making sense of it, but glueing yourself to the surreal nature of the play and the process.

We’re on in 8 weeks. I’m not re-writing anything else. I’m experimenting with make-up, prosthetics, costumes and set. I’m also writing a storyboard / script for the TRAILER! Yes, another trailer to have fun with! Should be posting that in a couple of weeks I think.

Some people shouldn't be allowed near photo editing apps
Some people shouldn’t be allowed near photo editing apps

Well, on arrival you can expect a glass of mulled wine
Then you can expect Act I
Then an Interval
Then ACT II – in a different location
Experience-wise The Ghost Hunters is surreal, atmospheric, amusing at times, creepy at others, slightly baffling and not to be confused with reality
There will be groovy lights and excellent sounds and music

Oh, ok.
Well, our intrepid Victorian Ghost Hunters are working in an old creepy house for the night (the sort that has ghosts).
They are a strange bunch of three. Or is it five?
They are definitely strange, however many they are.
Whether they actually find any ghosts or not doesn’t appear to be the point and there are other events taking place it seems.
And other agendas as well. Quite a few.
Oh … and ghosts.

I hope that helps ….

Get tickets via our Offbeat Website – or via St Richards School, Bredenbury where we are performing 18th, 19th & 20th December. I DARE YOU.

Ghost Hunters – a Very Strange Affair

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