The lovely thing about the ‘life as a journey’ metaphor, is that you never stop creating, changing and growing. And, one of the many beautiful things about theatre is that we always have the next show to work on – we’re never stuck in one place. We live in a sea of constantly changing requirements, ideas and possibilities. And the next show will be so different to the last …. To each new project you take the experience and the lessons from the last. If you’re on the case you will always improve and the process of creating theatre will be a wonderful experience each time.

Go the extra mile - whatever it takes!
Go the extra mile – make your ideas BIG and BOLD (orange is optional)

So .. in your quest to improve your skills, raise your game and aim for the stars there are 3 basic steps you need to take.


First, get thinking!
Everything starts with an idea, with inspiration. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do. Your idea could be about any aspect of the production – or it might be an idea you have to improve your own skills. Whatever it is, hold onto it.

Ideas are fine and necessary but they will just remain in your head festering away unless you actually REALLY WANT to achieve something. Be determined. Start planning HOW you’re going to get your idea into motion.

You need the means to achieve your idea. You need to make it real – it must manifest in the real world and stop hanging out in your head. You need the skill to do it – but the good news is you don’t have to do it alone!

These three steps are the basis of all creativity, not just in theatre. If you have a great idea but lack the motivation to get it moving, it will remain an idea. When this happens you need to work with others! Find someone with the drive and energy to bring your idea to life (and while you’re at it find someone with the skills you need as well). You’ll notice that good team work requires different types of people to get the job done. Have you ever been to a meeting where people can identify a problem, but no one can solve it? You have lots of people able to analyse and spot something that isn’t working well, but you don’t have an ‘ideas’ person to solve it. It’s very frustrating to go away from such a meeting and realise that nothing was actually solved, there is no ‘action plan’ and at the next meeting the group will cover the same ground because they can’t move on. You may also discover that once you do get an idea to solve the problem you have difficulty finding the person with the skill to make it happen! If you’re producing/directing a show be aware of the types of people you have working with you. In fact if you are directing you’ll need to be the driving force at least! Choose your team wisely and then bring your wildest ideas out to play. You aren’t expected to do everything yourself, but you absolutely MUST work with people who can share, understand and realise your dreams so they come to life on stage.

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