Last night we had a good rehearsal and I took a few pics with my phone. Trouble is .. well, let’s be honest .. I’m rubbish at taking photos, I was using my phone and the lighting was dim (we were going for ‘creepy’). Result = grainy pics of uninteresting moments. Enter my new app for editing photos. I can’t stop playing.

There really is no hope for me ...

So, this week I discovered the ‘vintage’ button and the graininess suddenly seems irrelevant. Ok, they’re not brilliant photos, but at least you have something to look at.. that should count for something. This pic (above) is of Mark Cox, taken in virtually no light at all (apart from the beam of light on his face). I can’t tell you what he was doing. Mainly because I can’t remember which ‘creepy – looking worried/bothered – surprised’ moment it is. Even if I could, I still wouldn’t tell you. It’s all top secret. But, I can tell you that his character is one of the Ghost Hunters. The question is .. do they actually experience any ghosts? When you hunt, you expect to catch something.

I'm saying nothing.
I’m saying nothing.

Our next ‘vintage look’ photo is, well, odd. Naturally, I can’t tell you what is going on and certainly not why. You’ll have to come and watch it (but even then it may not help you much here). Dom Edwards and Sam Collins are pictured here. That’s it, that’s all you get. Mean, I know. Too mean? Ok. Maybe I should tell you something about The Ghost Hunters. What shall I divulge? The plot? No, not the plot. Haven’t figured it out myself yet. Themes? Yes, let’s go for ‘themes’. I’ll give you some ‘key lines’ and you can ponder on them in your own time:

A man needs a good desk
Don’t pull a face, it’s true. For some people it’s very true.
Why is there only ever one chair?
But is there? Philosophical meanderings of a Ghost Hunter who would like to sit down?
Give me the wine.
Now, the question is this: Is that a line from the play, or just a random thought in my head…?
It was very faint, but I thought I detected music.
Ah, now we’re getting somewhere!
Where is the bottle?
Ooops. Did it again.
More clues next time as our intrepid Ghost Hunters continue their adventure! (bet you can’t wait)

Ghost Hunters hard at their perilous work
Ghost Hunters hard at their perilous work

I rather like this pic – if only they were in Victorian costumes it would look just right. On in seven weeks, so costume will be appearing soon. I think I shall leave you with one more line …

My presence is usually regarded as something of a boon in these situations.
There is something very satisfying about the word ‘boon’.

Messing with Photos and Giving Out Clues

2 thoughts on “Messing with Photos and Giving Out Clues

  • Avatar
    October 31, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Well YOU are a boon, dear girl. Brilliant word. I shall make it my word for today. And I’ll take *Give me the wine* Looking forward to the production at which I will refer to you as The Pink Poltergeist. x

  • Barbara
    November 2, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    Thank you – ‘boon’ it is (today and many others I hope)
    At the production I’m hoping to remain very quiet, although I may move a few things about.

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