The Script Store – as you know (of course) sells on scripts penned by playwrights who may, or may not, also be teachers of drama and youth theatre leaders. We wanted to offer an easy marketplace solution to the eternal problems of locating a play for your next production:
‘Where do I find my next play?’
‘I wrote a play because I couldn’t find one and I’d like to share it – but where…?’
We’ve all been there – some more than most!
It’s not that there aren’t sites out there where your next play resides, it’s more that you don’t have time to trawl through the search facility – assuming there is one. My own plays are on a large site that actually has no search facilities. As the listing are alphabetical, if your surname begins with ‘A’ you might be in with a chance of being found. But for the rest of us…

So, The Script Store offers an easy-to-use solution. For people who would like to share their work, to the other side of the equation where you can easily find a play to suit your intended cast.

Drama Resources

And for the next trick – The Script Store will now offer to sell on your DRAMA RESOURCES! Lesson plans, activities – anything you have created for your own group of drama students that you’d like to share for a reasonable fee.

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Script Store Resources