At the beginning of August, Offbeat Theatre had an absolute blast performing The Frog King in Bredenbury. Our unusual location required us to convert 4 rooms and a few corridors into a magical fairytale-land – which we did over the months preceding the show. The audience moved from room to room with the action – not quite ‘immersive’, but a blurring of the lines that usually separate audience from actors.

A few thoughts from our lovely audience members, including notes we encouraged people to write on the walls of the ‘Frog Inn’. More posts featuring our main review and the amazing sets we created coming up soon.

The newly transformed Frog King revealed

The Frog King – Well… I have never seen anything like it. Totally wacky and brilliantly written. The artwork is amazing and how they all remember their lines is as mysterious as the play, written by Barbara Hockley. Do go and see it. Miss it at your peril. The Cox Team and Boz are at their brilliant best.!!!”

The ‘Maid’ – lost in the ‘Lost & Found’

“Had a very memorable and madcap afternoon in fairyland courtesy of all these peoples (and frogs). Didn’t succumb to fairytale sickness, get eaten by trolls or baked by witches, but did learn a lot about how to cook with children (pushing them in the oven is key) and the importance of narrative continuity when trying to keep your coat jam free. A magical journey indeed.”

Is it love? It usually is…

On the walls we found:
Brilliantly bonkers
Magically silly
Divinely bonkers
Hilariously bonkers
Fantastic fun!
Perfectly nuts! Loved it

So… ‘bonkers’ then…

Hansel and Gretel as you’ve never seen them (or would wish to again…)

“I just had the pleasure of going to watch this awesome show and I cannot recommend it enough. The set design on it’s own is breathtaking but the amazing performances and technical design have brought the whole thing together to create something hilarious, unique and completely nuts.
If you live in Hereford/surrounding areas and enjoy theatre, you’ve gotta give this show a shot. I can guarantee that you haven’t seen anything quite like it.”

A forlorn Princess wondering where her frog might be (don’t we all)

“Great night out last night seeing the dress rehearsal of the Frog King.. recommended as a great night out with all the favourite local actors plus some stunning new talent.. Incredible sets too; go, it’s on from Thursday to Sunday at Bredenbury Court”

There’s a lot of love in the play

More from the wall:
Amazing experience
Crazy storytellers
Fabulous! Very funny
Deliciously mad – I wish I could live in fairytale-land!
Quirky – fab – different

The end bit – note the amazing stained glass windows!

“Just back from the final show and still smiling.What a show and what clever storytelling by Barbara Hockley. Will be writing the review for our new Bromyard Info magazine and wont need to be polite and kind.It was GREAT. Don’t miss their next one!”
Full review coming up in another post!

Cast: Mark Cox, Hugh Farey, Caitlin Cox, Sally Handley, Alison Stobart, Sue Cox, Allan Flaxman, David Verrinder and Ted Taylor.
Sound & Light: Jane Merry
Supporting Fairytale-land Ushers and Bar Folk: Joyce Marshall, Jill Turbin, David Verrinder, Richard Hockley & Heather Hockley
Set: Daryl Singleton, Barbara Hockley, Jill Turbin, Alison Stobart, Hugh Farey, Tasha, Gabby and Olly Singleton, Sally Handley, Team Cox – plus others who popped in to help from time to time!
Written and directed by Barbara Hockley.

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