Over at The Script Store we have a small but beautiful selection of plays and musicals for Youth Groups and Schools to perform. It’s that time of year when teachers of Year 6 primary school children are looking for the musical that will keep the kids happy and involved for their ‘Leavers Gala’. Can we recommend SPY SCHOOL: THE SEVENTH DEPARTMENT to you?
I think we just did…
If you whoosh over to the SPY SCHOOL page on The Script Store – you can listen to the songs and read all about it. Best. Fun. Ever.

A fine review of Spy School

Wow! Our big problem now is how to follow it! Our Year 6 children loved Spy School. The idea of a school for spies but with spies who were not all of the ‘James Bond’ mould filled them with enthusiasm. The different groups of spies were identified both by movement, name and costume ensuring that each child had ‘their moment’- always important in a school production. The songs were great and the hauntingly beautiful ‘We’re in too deep’ soon became a firm favourite as did the opening ‘Spies’. A script full of characters including Father Christmas and Easter Bunny got everyone laughing from the first reading and ‘We’re on the case Easter Bunny’ remained a catch phrase for the summer (and beyond). The play is so well written, with a plot which ensures that everyone stays involved right through to the end. A fabulous musical play which we would have no hesitation in recommending; great script, wonderful songs and a running tine of about an hour – ideal as a school production. We can’t wait for Spy School – The Eighth Department.

Brockhampton School, Bromyard´╗┐
Spy School
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