Week 3 - setting up some rehearsal sound. Spot the poser ...
Week 3 – setting up some rehearsal sound. Spot the background poser …

Yes, I know it’s week 3 but I just haven’t got round to blogging. I abandoned my blog a while ago – we’d been spending far too much time together and I needed a break. It happens. But now we’re back together and things are good. So .. Ghost Hunters? What, who, when and how? Ghost Hunters marks the first play that I’ve written and/or directed for years that won’t take place on a stage. Me and the stage, well .. we’d just been spending too much time together. It happens. Years ago I was part of a theatre company that never performed on stage. We performed in many strange and exciting spaces, but (almost – if I’m honest) never on a stage. I want to go back to that form of theatre. The strange, the unusual, the creative and challenging – both the material and the process. Something very different.

A bit of a read through to start. Pretty sure there are a few 'orbs' here ....
A bit of a read through to start. Pretty sure there are a few ‘orbs’ here ….

Even the process of writing is different for this play. I turned up to the first rehearsal with 4 pages. That was it. At that rehearsal we explored, talked, acted and then afterwards, inspired, I went home and wrote another 4 pages. This week we had 12 pages and it’s coming together nicely. At least, I think it is. Sometimes I wish I knew exactly where it was going, but I don’t! I do, however, trust the process and my excellent crew and cast. I can’t tell you much about the plot, it really does have to be kept under wraps (especially the bits I don’t know anything about). It is quirky though. Very quirky, a bit strange (is that the same thing?), sometimes funny and occasionally will make you jump. It might do other things as well, but I’ve only got to page 12.

Ghost Hunters in action! Spot the orb ... (kidding)
Ghost Hunters in action! Spot the orb … (kidding)

What can I tell you? We’re performing at St Richards School, Bredenbury on December 19th and 20th. You are most welcome to come and see us there. I hope you do. We will also perform at other suitable locations in 2015. St Richards is where we’re rehearsing as well. Such a great place, lovely old building and fab folk. You’ll also be very pleased to know that, at some point in the Autumn, Tom will pop along a few times and take proper pics – as opposed to these ones taken on my phone! Better than nothing though and good for orbs ….

The Ghost Hunters: Week 3