I just sat down at my computer, I looked at the blog wondering what I might write tonight and casually clicked on the category ‘inspiration’ (next to ‘soapbox’). It seemed like the right thing to do. The page I landed on announced ‘page or resource not found’, which amused me a great deal (I considered leaving it like that forever). So true ….. Then I started typing and a bit further down the page than I am now I did something inexplicable with the shift key and another unknown key in a fateful combination which produced a strange result. I won’t go into detail, it was far to traumatic, but happily it resolved itself by deleting everything I had written. Damn you shift key! One minute inspiration appears to emerge from its hiding place and the next it’s been ‘shifted’ elsewhere. I’m now saving the draft every other word … I don’t trust the shift key (shifty jokes are tugging away here, but I’m resisting them bravely – you should thank me for that).

Brian de Bergerac provides inspiration for Henry's story in 'Nuts'
Brian de Bergerac provides inspiration for Henry’s story in ‘Nuts’

I don’t think I’m entirely sure what I intended for this category. Did I hope to inspire you? Or, more likely, was I subconsciously hoping that blog readers might participate in sharing inspirational techniques? It’s obviously something that interests me as a few of my characters have issues with inspiration. Pictured above is ‘Henry’- my hero from ‘May Contain Nuts’ (or ‘Nuts’ as we call it). Henry likes to write stories filled with mundane events, the odd domestic crisis and invariably ends up saving a maiden in distress from a runaway wheelie bin or a bit of a problem with the toaster – that sort of thing. But then in a mad, crazed moment he loses control and asks for help. It’s at times like this that supernatural forces spring into being and angels whisper to us (well … they might!). In Henry’s case help comes in the form of Brian de Bergerac – poet, lover and a bit handy with a sword (yes he also has a big nose – apologies to Cyrano and Edmond Rostand). After that it all gets rather silly with Romeo & Juliet characters popping in and out of the action, vampires, strange old ladies with handbags and … pirates. You can’t have too many pirates. Black Hearted Lil leads this band of fearless seafaring brigands and they go off in search of treasure. I can’t tell you how it ends, it’s a complex plot of many layers and requires detailed study. But it does end. Sort of.

In another ‘help, I need inspiration’ play my heroine is Lex and, actually, she really doesn’t care whether she writes her story or not. But her supernatural guardians do … didn’t expect that twist to the story did you ..! Out of sheer boredom she falls asleep and the play in then set within her mind as different aspects of her psyche vie for editorial control over the story. It’s rather silly to be honest. Fun though. And written for children so not as heady as it sounds.

So … inspiration. The trouble with falling asleep and hoping your inner guardians get on with it for you, is that you may or may not recall any of their brilliant ideas. Shout for help and hope a romantic, slightly mad poet rushes through the door …ummm.. worth a try.. here goes …. zzzzzzzz

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