We’d love to share some music with you.
Wonderland is full of strange and glorious sounds, but the sound of a company singing away heartily whilst playing bashing away at croquet with inflatable pink flamingoes, has to be one of my favourites.
These are a few demos of the songs we created for ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDER GROUND – a one act (or 2 if you prefer) musical. It requires live music – no backing tracks for this one! Full score, vocal range info & script can be perused at THE SCRIPT STORE.
The PROLOGUE requires spoken words over the music – we used LC’s poetry in the script.
Take a look and have a listen…

Music by Greg Swinford, Words by Barbara Hockley (from Lewis Carroll). Although, to be fair, LC did not write ‘fling it, bash it, round the flowerbed’. That might have been Barbara.

Wonderful Alice – the Offbeat Musical
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